Pilates Guide

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Benefits of Pilates



Are you trying other exercise classes and would you like to do something else? Here are the nine reasons to try Pilates as your new workout.


By watchful preparing and exact control over the little muscles in the lower stomach district and lower back, Pilates can enhance your core stability. The result is improved control of the spinal joints during workouts as well as a better pull on the pelvis and hip area. The result is increased control of the bladder, strengthened pelvic floor muscles, better pelvic stability and less pain in the back region.


A good Pilates class can strengthen the core and also make your muscles feel relax. The relaxed state in class is produced by the slow tempo and the controlled number of attendees in the class.


Pilates workout improves not just the posture but also your health. And if you want to improve your posture and reduce muscle balance, you should try Pilates. For health reasons, Pilates should be done with the guidance and assistance of a fully qualified practitioner who has worked with therapists for many years. Click here for more info about Pilates.


Pilates exercise can help athletes maximize their performance and increase recovery time for an injury.


 You can develop an increased awareness of your body when you learn Pilates. The increased feedback to the brain from the different extremities like the arms and legs allows for improvement of body coordination. The slow and dance like movements of Pilates workout lets the brain and nervous system function on a deeper level of interpretation. Pilates also repeats movements when doing certain positions and this allows for better incorporation in daily movements.


Patients recovering from spinal surgery are often recommended to attend Pilates class.  Perhaps some surgeries could have been avoided by proper training of the spinal muscles and alignment. So if you are suffering from back pains, at least try a short Pilates course so that you can have some spinal control.


Pilates movements are precise, slow and calculated so one needs concentration to be able to do it well. Doing this consistently enhances a person's concentration ability which also translates to longer concentration in daily life.


 The consistent time and intensity required in performing Pilates helps develop an increased stamina. You will end up aching after the first few sessions, but it will soon go away.


 As time goes by, Pilates has grown to include other forms of machines and also into different kinds like RYB Pilates. You may choose to practice Pilates in its purest form, or in any of its new variation like RYB Pilates. Visit website if you have questions.